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Keihin 38-44mm Jet Ski Carburettor Rebuild Kit from Vertex - 451468

Keihin 38-44mm Jet Ski Carburettor Rebuild Kit from Vertex - 451468

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    • Vertex is a brand name under All Balls Racing
    • Gasket material made from MP-2N Pro-Formance™ MicroPore
    • All parts needed for a complete rebuild of 28-44mm Keihin CDK carburettors
    • Not for use with constant velocity carburetors
    • Kits include Viton™ tipped inlet needle
    • Includes 3 new springs to set/tune desired pop off pressure 
    • Made in USA to the highest standards 
    • 1 Year Warranty 

MP-2N Pro-Formance™ MicroPore

Engineered for automotive power train, marine and small engine applications

MP - 2N provides excellent sealability and thermal integrity in coolant, lubrication and induction systems. The material is suitable for problem flanges including those with rough surfaces and/or long bolt spans, and handles intermittent operating temperatures up to 205°C (400°F).

Applications include general automotive, motorcycle, small engine and marine sealing.


    • Density: g/cc (lb/ft3) 1.35 (84)
    • Tensile Strength: MPa (psi) 8.28 (1200)
    • Compressibility: % 13-25
    • Recovery: % 35
    • Nitrogen Seal: cc/min (1 Bar, 9 MPa Clamp) 0.33
    • Creep Relaxation: % 22
    • Fluid seal, Oil @ 4 Bar: MPa (psi) 9.0 (1300)
    • Fluid seal, A/F @ 1 Bar: MPa (psi) 21.0 (3000)
    • Compressive Strength: MPa (psi) 124 (18000)
    • Median Pore Diameter: microns 0.15
    • Coefficient of Friction (aluminum) 0.35
    • Coefficient of Friction (iron/steel) 0.34
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