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Optimate 2 0.8 amp trickle charger and maintainer TM420 12v *sl

Optimate 2 0.8 amp trickle charger and maintainer TM420 12v *sl

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OptiMate 2

  • The OptiMate 2 Smart Charger-Maintainer is the most cost-effective solution for long-term maintenance of 12V batteries in any vehicle stored indoors or outdoors.
  • Waterproof and very easy to use, just plug it into the battery and the nearest power outlet, the rest is completely automatic
  • With a constant current of 0.8A, OptiMate 2 automatically brings the battery to full charge and then switches to the exclusive OptiMate charge maintenance mode to maintain the battery at 100% while also providing power to the on-board computer, the display or burglar alarm
  • Recommended for ETS (with removable filler caps), sealed AGM (fiberglass blanket) and 12V GEL sealed lead-acid batteries up to 50Ah
  • Weighing 450 grams (1 lb.) including cables and accepting any AC supply between 100-240 VAC, the OptiMate 2 is a true world traveler.
  • Includes permanent connection cable with waterproof plug grommets and a set of battery clips
  • Fully automatic operation including all safety features such as reverse polarity protection, no spark discharge - approved to UL and CSA safety standards for automatic battery chargers  
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