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Yamaha 1800 Jet Ski FZR FZS GP-R FX VXR VXS HO & SHO Oil & Spark Service Kit

Yamaha 1800 Jet Ski FZR FZS GP-R FX VXR VXS HO & SHO Oil & Spark Service Kit

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With or without oil extractor pump

Jetguru service kits are created using only the best products on the market. For example we use high quality marine specific oil from world leader Liqui-Moly, this is then matched with the highest specification marine grade oil filter from K&N or WSM. You won’t find any cheap generic parts in our kits.

When it comes to spark plugs we use genuine NGK plugs supplied directly from the source. There have been various reports of fake/copied plugs being sold on all the main online market places. We eliminate issues in the supply chain by partnering closely with the manufacturers.

Suitable for all the Yamaha non SVHO 1800 jet ski engines, Includes

  • 4 Litres of High Performance Liqui-Moly Marine Specific Oil 
  • HiFlo High Performance Marine Grade Oil Filter
  • 4x NGK Spark Plugs
  • 1x Liqui-Moly - Sticky Lube for Cables and Moving parts

Suitable for the following jet skis 

(2009 - 2023)  Yamaha FX HO 1800
(2009 - 2023)  Yamaha FX HO 1800 Cruiser
(2024 - 2024)  Yamaha FX HO 1900
(2024 - 2024)  Yamaha FX HO 1900 Cruiser

(2008 - 2015)  Yamaha FX SHO
(2008 - 2016)  Yamaha FX SHO Cruiser

(2009 - 2013)  Yamaha FZR
(2009 - 2013)  Yamaha FZS
(2020 - 2023)  Yamaha GP-R HO 1800
(2024 - 2024)  Yamaha GP-R HO 1900

(2016 - 2023)  Yamaha VX HO Cruiser 1800
(2021 - 2023)  Yamaha VX HO Limited 1800
(2011 - 2019)  Yamaha VXR
(2010 - 2016)  Yamaha VXS

Liqui-Moly Marine PWC High-performance motor oil is based on synthetic technology. The special additive package ensures maximum engine performance and ideal wear protection. Guarantees the best possible lubrication, outstanding engine cleanliness and excellent friction values for wet clutches, even at high speeds. Satisfies or exceeds the requirements and specifications of the leading engine manufacturers.



LIQUI MOLY recommends this product for vehicles with the following specifications

Honda, Kawasaki, SeaDoo, Suzuki, Yamaha

  • outstanding engine cleanliness
  • excellent wear resistance
  • especially suitable for wet clutches
  • tested for the use with catalytic converters
  • optimum lubrication under all operating conditions
  • ensures maximum engine performance
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Warranty and Returns

All products are covered by a minimum 1 year warranty and some even come with two years (where specified) We also offer a 30 day return window should you change your mind. Delivery to UK customers is £4.99 using a fully tracked service. (DPD)